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Science fiction, fantasy and horror illustrators and artists David has worked with on many of his books.

Ken Barthelmey

Ken has been working professionally since 2011. In 2012 he got his first big design-job for the film 'The Maze Runner', directed by Wes Ball and produced by 20th Century Fox.

Ken also worked on many designs for the upcoming sequel called 'The Scorch Trials', which will be released this year. Most recently he completed creature designs for various unannounced productions and is currently working on his own IP project.

Born 1989 in Luxembourg, Ken started drawing and sculpting at an early age. He has always been passionate about art and all creative things in general, which made it very easy for him to teach himself by practice.

Ken Barthelmey | Illustration for Albedo One Issue 45

Paul Drummond

Paul Drummond is a stray from north of the border who was taken in by the good folk of Lancashire, England. He now lives there with his family and works as a commercial illustrator.

His clients include TTA Press, publishers of Interzone for which he has provided many story illustrations and covers.

His illustrations have also appeared in Jupiter magazine, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and Midnight Echo.

Paul is a website developer, commercial illustrator and ebook designer.

Paul Drummond | Illustration for Extreme Planets | Illustration for Midnight Echo Issue 6

Steven Gilberts

While his years in college were instrumental in learning the fundamentals of composition and design, the techniques Steve uses are self taught. Originally he used the airbrush almost exclusively with detail added via pen and ink or colored pencil.

Around the year 2000 he began to experiment with dry brush techniques and later incorporated the use of acrylic washes.  His current work tends to be an amalgam of different applications blended to achieve a desired effect.

Steve's illustrations are primarily on hardboard and to a lesser degree on illustration board.

Steven Gilberts | Illustration for Cthulhu's Dark Cults

David Lee Ingersoll

David Lee Ingersoll is an artist, illustrator, cartoonist, writer and designer. He's been drawing since he could hold a pencil.

He's created comics, graphic novels, storyboards, editorial illustrations, gag cartoons, book covers, maps, logos, magazine layouts, Powerpoint presentations, and much more.

He is a regular illustrator for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game and his art has featured on David Conyers' early books The Spiraling Worm and Secrets of Kenya.

David Lee Ingersoll

Paul Mudie

After being turned down by the Edinburgh College of Art, Paul went to Edinburgh's Telford College from 1987-1991, and came out with an HND in Scientific and Technical Graphics.

Since 1992, he's been working steadily as an illustrator and designer. He has illustrated a series of health materials for people with learning disabilities that have won awards from the National Information Forum and the British Medical Association. 

Paul's first loves were always horror, sci-fi and fantasy and those are the areas he specialises in when working freelance. He was short-listed for the British Fantasy Society's "Best Artist" award in 2011.

Paul Mudie | Illustration for The Shoggoth Conspiracy | Illustration for Undead & Unbound

Alex Ries

Raised on a farm in rural Victoria, Alex Ries is a Melbourne based illustrator and concept artist with several years’ experience across the industry. His artworks have been featured by publishers including Cosmos Magazine, Pearson Education Canada, and the Discovery Channel.

Also employed as a concept artist, from 2007 to 2011 he worked full time in the videogames industry with THQ’s Bluetongue Entertainment studio, wherein he contributed to four published titles. Receiving his education at the University of Melbourne, Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts.

Alex Ries  | illustration for Nanaofabrica

Charlie Terrell

Charlie Terrell lives in Austin, Texas. His portraits are a combination of photography and digital painting.

His works are a mixture of all the artists he likes, taking on the creation of his images like a playwright and director.  He choses an actor, designs the scene and then begins the performance.  When the shoot is over Charlie hand paints the final photo to completion.

He is interested in Mockingbirds and the terrifying world of insects.

Charlie Terrell | Illustration for Albedo One Issue 44