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NANOFABRICA (coming soon)

The stakes in a Conyers tale are never small.  There is an unsettling plausibility to the scenarios David presents.  Which means the stories—especially their impressions—continue long after the words are complete.

BRAD R. TORGERSEN, Hugo Award nominated author of THE CHAPLAIN'S WAR

A distant world suffers economic collapse after super-evolved humans arrive unexpectedly from deep space. Alien microbe infected soldiers do battle across the decades amidst the highly volatile environment of relativistic space travel. A perception virus infects the Earth leaving a man unable to see or hear his wife and daughter. A future China where nanotechnology is commonplace and anyone can download the schematics to build anything, including weapons of mass destruction.

Originally featured in the pages of Albedo One, SQ Magazine, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Jupiter and various science fiction anthologies, Nanofabrica collects together for the first time are fourteen of the best science fiction stories by David Conyers.

Coming soon from Aeon Press