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“There are a very few authors still living today that I can point to and honestly say that they have inspired me. David Conyers has.” 

Brian M. Sammons, editor of World War Cthulhu

“Wherever we walk, Nyarlathotep has walked that path long before we were conceived, and he will walk that same path long after our memories are forgotten and our bodies are nothing more than corrupted dust.” – The Masked Messenger

Written in 18th Century Morocco by a mysterious woman called Sharinza, The Masked Messenger is the most comprehensive guide to the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos in the continent of Africa. The blasphemous tome contains five hundred fables centered upon the Masked Messenger, a dark and scheming god known in the Lovecraftian circles as Nyarlathotep.

None of the African or Middle Eastern protagonists who encounter the Messenger achieve satisfactory outcomes to their predicaments. While the Masked Messenger pretends to aid and assist, her only objective is to corrupt, humiliate and finally defile her various narrators. Death and destruction are their only endings.

The Faceless Watchers collects together the early Cthulhu Mythos fiction of award-winning Australia speculative fiction author, David Conyers — stories tied to the legend of the Masked Messenger. The collection includes “The Swelling”, “A Shared Romance”, “The Faceless Watchers”, “Screaming Crawler”, “Vanishing Curves”, “Solvent Hunger”, “As Above So Below” and “Outside Looking In”.

To round off this collection, fans of the low-res, high-suspense point-and-click horror adventure The Last Door will find published for the first time in book format, the official prequel story to the game, “The Last Door: The Five Arches”.

Fans of the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game from Chaosium Inc. will also find connections and backstories in these tales to the many gaming books David produced over the years, including Secrets of Kenya, The House of R’lyeh and Devil’s Children.

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