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David Conyers, I have to say, is my favourite mythos author. He does what would have made Lovecraft weep with joy.


The Harrison Peel Omnibus Volume 1 

“He identified men on the ground, tiny individuals filmed from an airplane high above the fields of Antarctic snow. They were running, fast and away from a threat he could not see. He looked for the pursuer, until he realized his mind wasn’t imaging a hunter much bigger than the men. When he spotted the amorphous shape the size of a mining dump truck, all white and tentacles and eyes and mouths that seemed to shift in and out of a jelly-like consistency, he squirmed. The pulsating shape rolled over one man crushing him without slowing an iota. It was like watching a tsunami engulf unsuspecting bathers on a populated beach.”  

The human race is doomed, and no one knows this better than Army Intelligence Officer, Major Harrison Peel, because he’s witnessed the threats first hand, and the threats are alien horrors.

Everyday somewhere on the Earth, alien monsters are extracted through wormholes linked to bizarre dimensions and impossible planets. These are threats that cannot be controlled, defeated or understood, but Peel fights on regardless. But what he fears most are the shoggoths, shape-changing, near-indestructible creatures forging a conspiracy that will enslave all humanity.

In a blend of cosmic horror with weird science fiction and action spy adventure, The Shoggoth Conspiracy recounts the adventures of Harrison Peel, who travels the globe fighting the good fight against alien monsters of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos wherever they appear threatening to destroy humanity.

The Shoggoth Conspiracy contains all the stories that first appeared in The Impossible Object, The Weaponized Puzzle, The Elder Codex and The Infinity Agenda, also available as standalone ebooks.

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