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Every bit as disquieting as anything found in the oeuvre of Lovecraft


The Harrison Peel Files Book 5

The human race is doomed, and no one knows this better than NSA Intelligence Officer, Major Harrison Peel. He’s witnessed the threats first hand, and the threats are alien horrors.
Everyday somewhere on the Earth, alien monsters are extracted through wormholes linked to bizarre dimensions and impossible planets. These are threats that cannot be controlled, defeated or understood, but Peel fights on regardless.

In a blend of cosmic horror with weird science fiction and action spy adventure, The Temporal Deception is the fifth book in the Harrison Peel Files series. This volume features three collaborations with three weird fiction authors; C.J. Henderson, David Kernot and John Goodrich.

“The Temporal Deception” — Nigeria’s Rivers State is a hotspot of terrorism, corruption and dirty oil. Amidst the chaos operates the shoggoths, ancient alien horrors experimenting on militia soldiers. Peel and master thief, Joan de Molina, are drawn into the conflict only to discover the enemy already knows their every move.

“The Bullet and the Flesh” — Child soldiers are not the worst horrors encountered in the failed nation of Zimbabwe. Evil men mess with unpredictable alien weapons, and brave men such as Peel and Sergeant Emerson Ash, are forced to fight for justice and balance.

“The Masked Messenger” — Peel investigates a suicide bombing in Morocco. But the bomber isn’t yet dead, the explosion has yet to catch up with her. As Peel is drawn to the Sahara’s desolate heart, he encounters an ancient cult worshiping a real god as old as the universe, and Peel’s very future and past may be in jeopardy.

Released August 2015 

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