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A strength of the anthology is that the editors have worked to include a variety of living dead, including some from other cultures ... and unique interpretations of the tropes of Western horror


Edited by Brian M Sammons and David Conyers 

Undead & Unbound  celebrates those who have returned from the grave — in all their glory and in whatever form they take. You will find the famous blood-drinkers and flesh eaters here, but also ghosts, patched-together reanimates, fiends of myth and folklore, and some not-so-easily-identifiable creatures from beyond the grave.

Nineteen tales take the undead to their limits. From the distant past to the far-flung future, and to all corners of the Earth, the undead are eternal and everywhere: symbiotes, parasites, monster mash-ups and ghoulish grins, bleak tales of inescapable dread, an ancient evil from a far-away land with unspeakable dietary needs, a boy and his…well, it’s not a dog. History is brought to (un)life. Ghosts, specters, phantoms and haunts of every sort. Not-so-easily-classifiable stories that do new things with the basic premise of what’s alive, what’s dead, and what’s neither.

And yes, you lovers of all things zombie—fear-not, for your favorite flesh eaters are here but, thankfully, not exactly as you would expect them.

Undead & Unbound celebrates all things from beyond the grave, the different, and no matter how old the bones, new life can always be found.

The Tales Included "Blind Item" by Cody Goodfellow, "Dead Baby Keychain Blues" by Gary McMahon, "A Personal Apocalypse" by Mercedes M. Yardley, "The Unexpected" by Mark Allan Gunnells, "Incarnate" by David Dunwoody, "Marionettes" by Robert Neilson, "Undead Night of the Undeadest Undead" by C.J. Henderson, "I Am Legion" by Robert M. Price, "When Dark Things Sleep" by Damien Walters Grintalis, "Descanse En Paz" by William Meikle, "Thunder in Old Kilpatrick" by Gustavo Bondoni, "Phallus Incarnate" by Glynn Owen Barrass, "Wreckers" by Tom Lynch, "Scavenger" by Oscar Rios, "In the House of Millions of Years" by John Goodrich, "Romero 2.0" by Brian M. Sammons and David Conyers, "Mother Blood" by Scott David Aniolowski, "The Unforgiving Court" by David Schembri and "North of the Arctic Circle" by Peter Rawlik.

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